Na zdjęciu widok na holl w budynku Śluzy prowadzący na kładkę

Things that matter. City, people, environment

The Śluza Gallery is a space intended for holding temporary exhibitions. Through our exhibitions, we want to talk about contemporary Poznań and how it has been shaped by its past. We believe that the study of the local context enables us to address universal issues which are important not only here and now.

The exhibitions at the Śluza Gallery focus on three major themes.

Our main focal point is the city. We want to carefully study the city we live in. And the city comprises not only buildings, streets and infrastructure, but also human relationships, opportunities for development and our everyday lives.

At the same time, let us remember that a city is not an anonymous creation. Behind its shape and development are always people, their creativity and needs. Therefore, it is the people who are the second theme explored at the Śluza Gallery – both those who lived in the distant past and those from more recent times; the heroes of well-known history and ordinary city dwellers.

We are also interested in the environment, which is part of heritage as well. We are inspired to raise the issues relating to nature by the close proximity of the Cybina River. We believe that by talking about nature we can help instil an attitude of respect for it and enhance a mindful approach to its protection.

We want the Śluza Gallery to be a space for exchanging thoughts and inspiring one another. Our exhibitions are the products of cooperation with experts and artists. We hope that they are a source of inspiration also for our visitors and provoke them to engage in important conversations.

Practical information:

  • The exhibitions are available in Polish and English.
  • Entry to temporary exhibitions is free.
Na zdjęciu widok na holl w budynku Śluzy prowadzący na kładkę