What can a continental glacier do?

What can a continental glacier do?

12.04 - 01.09.2024


Plains, small hills, numerous lakes, river valleys. This is the landscape of Poznań and its surrounding area. Forces of nature have shaped it for tens of thousands of years. People have also left their mark there. Let’s take a closer look at how this story unfolded.

Let’s invite to the arena the main characters in this story: the Continental Glacier and rivers from Team Warta River. Just like ancient athletes, they were strong, resilient and patient. However, they did not shape their own bodies but the landscape around them. Today we can still admire the results of their work.

In the rooms on the ground floor you will explore the sports career of Sven – the Continental Glacier, and the Warta River Team. What did they train? What were their achievements? What trophies did they win?

Then, make sure you go downstairs to our glacial gym. Challenge our champion, Sven, to see if you match him in strength, stamina and patience.

Find out how much in common does sport have with geography!


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