Witek Orski
Posters for School

The eleven posters refer to such varied issues in the life of a school as the core curriculum and the architecture. These are eleven sample answers to the question “How to make a school?” so that it is a friendly place for learners, and with an awareness that the role of school is not limited to imparting knowledge.

The slogans set forth here are a selection we made together with representatives of the community of teachers, pupils and scholars. We drew inspiration from the streets, which are often a zone of protest, and from publications, such as Twenty-five Lessons on Education and Democracy. These demands are not a fixed list, and do not exhaust the topics in the debate over education. The way they are framed, in the form of an appeal, indicates that whether it is possible to create education meeting these demands may depend on the engagement of everyone.

The design of the posters, by the artist Witek Orski, avoids a literal approach to words and illustrations, but relies on a strong and emotionally charged juxtaposition of images and typography. The entire collection is available under an open licence.