Changes and challenges

‘In the past the industry relied mainly on the city offices and national companies which bound huge amounts of very important regulations, volumes of Monitor Polski [Polish Official Gazette], Journals of Laws. There was a lot of work. Suddenly, it all stopped. You had to find a new path. It turned out that books created fantastic opportunities so for some time we focused mainly on them.’

The Lewandowskis receive many commissions from book experts and fans. Often these are custom-made commissions which have more in common with little artworks than ordinary bindings. However, changes in the bookbinding industry are taking place all the time. Mateusz’s educational background definitely helps him find new solutions. Before he became a bookbinder, he had studied graphic design and economy. Grzegorz says:

‘We have to predict and anticipate it all. We can do this thanks to modern amenities such as for example the Internet and all that Mateusz learnt during his time at university. I am not worried that the company will survive for many years.’

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Listen to Grzegorz telling the story about Mateusz’s journey to the profession: