Tailoring profession

‘To sew correctly you have to start with adopting the right posture and sitting properly because sewing takes a heavy toll on your spine. You need to hold and use the needle the right way to put the right stitch. There are so many stages you have to go through in order to make for example a flap pocket that before you know how to do this, you need a lot of practice.’

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‘Everyone who is passionate about tailoring and dressmaking knows that taking measurements and making a pattern are crucial. Sewing is only the question of quality.’

‘Bogdan was not a tall man but a heavy iron would dance in his hands. Such an iron gives the custom-made clothes their wonderful, unique character because it gives them their shape.’


phot. from the collection of Bartek Wrona

Elżbieta shares her behind-the-scenes story of the work on one of the projects: