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5+5 Poster from Poland and China

01.12.2023 - 04.02.2024

The exhibition “5+5 – poster from Poland and China ” was organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the partnership between the cities of Poznań and Shenzhen. It presents unique poster designs made by artists from both agglomerations. They are characterized by a wealth of artistic forms and styles, and also represent various cultural concepts. The exhibition, which is the result of cooperation between Poznań and Chinese creative communities, shows that culture and art can connect even the most distant corners of the world and constitute a platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning between countries.


To present the history that led to the preparation of the Poznań exhibition at the Śluza Gallery, we need to go back to July 30, 1993. It was then that the Poznań authorities signed a city partnership agreement with the Chinese Shenzhen. In 2023, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this cooperation. On this occasion, as part of the Poznań Art Week festival, a competition was organized for the graphic identification of the celebration. The winner was Agata Kulczyk, who proposed a sign referring to the Chinese script and the round anniversary of the international agreement.

The exhibition ” poster from Poland and China ” is another event honoring this 30-year cooperation and cultural exchange. In order to organize it, the Rector of the University of Arts. Magdalena Abakanowicz in Poznań prof. Wojciech Hora signed a special agreement with the Guan Shanyue Museum in Shenzhen. The premiere of the Chinese edition of the exhibition took place on July 30, 2023 – exactly on the thirtieth anniversary of signing the partnership agreement. From December 1, you can see its second, Poznań version in the Śluza Gallery.

Five designers from Poznań and Shenzhen took part in the exhibition. From Poznań they are: Agata Kulczyk, Wojciech Janicki, Piotr Marzol, Marcin Markowski, Grzegorz Myćka; from Shenzhen: 1983ASIA, Du Fengsong, Liao Bofeng, Huang Yang, Huang Yuefei. The concept of the exhibition was prepared by two curators: Mateusz Bieczyński – professor at the University of Arts in Poznań and director of the Poznań Art Week festival, and Eric Zhu – director of the Shenzhen Fringe Festival.

The exhibition aims to deepen cooperation between artists and graphic designers from both cities. The curators organized a draw selecting 5 pairs of artists. For 6 months, the pairs exchanged reflections on topics related to artistic creation and international cultural exchange. The result of this collaboration are the posters presented at the exhibition.

Drewniany stand z plakatem wystawy

Organizers: Magdalena Abakanowicz university of the Arts Poznan, Guan Shanyue Museum in Shenzhen, Poznan Art Week Festival, Fringe Festival Shenzhen, Poznań Heritage Center

Project co-financed by the Poznan City Hall (Department of City Development and International Cooperation)


Curators: Mateusz Bieczyński, Eric Zhu

Artists participating in the exhibition:

1983ASIA (Shenzhen, China)

Agata Kulczyk (Poznan, Poland)

Du Fengsong (Shenzhen, China)

Grzegorz Myćka (Poznan, Poland)

Huang Yang (Shenzhen, China)

Liao Bofeng (Shenzhen, China)

Marcin Markowski (Poznan, Poland)

Piotr Marzol (Poznan, Poland)

Wang Yuefei (Shenzhen, China)

Wojciech Janicki (Poznan, Poland)

Design of the logo for cooperation between cities: Agata Kulczyk

Arrangement and visual identification: Agata Kulczyk, Marcin Markowski

Production of the exhibition: Rafał Górczyński