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Sounds around Cybina river

17.07 - 31.10.2021

This summer you are invited to the Śluza Gallery for an extraordinary adventure with sounds!

The exhibition Sounds around Cybina river will help you look at the world around you from a new perspective. Every day we discover it mainly through sight. At the exhibition we will be listening to it!

Do you know that the sounds which surround us create entire soundscapes? They differ from place to place. At the exhibition you will discover the soundscape of the Valley of the Cybina River.

Let’s listen together to the sounds recorded by the river and at the nearby Cathedral Island and district of Śródka.

Are sounds part of our heritage?

Are they important and should we protect them so that others can enjoy them in the future?

Which sounds destroy the soundscape of the place?

We will try to answer these questions.

Finally, you will be able to become a composer and make your own music using the sounds of the city as your instruments!

The youngest visitors will definitely enjoy our multimedia exhibition. It will be full of sounds!

Free entry!