Anna Gruszecka

10.10.1886 – 1.08.1966

Psychiatrist, neurologist

A distinguished researcher in the field of mental and neurological disorders.

1904-1912 – studies in Cracow, Zurich and Vienna

1912 – PhD degree

1926 – post-doctoral degree

She studied at the universities in Cracow, Zurich and Vienna, where in 1912 she received the title of the Doctor of All Medical Sciences. She specialised in treating neurological and mental disorders. She had considerable hands-on experience in hospital work. During the First World War she was working at epidemic diseases hospitals. Apart from that, she was working at institutions specialising in neurology, psychology and internal diseases, for example in Leipzig, Vienna and Munich.

From 1922 she was working at the Neuropsychology Clinic of the University of Poznań. For over a year she was even its director. She received a post-doctoral degree in 1926.


Main photo - Anna Gruszecka