Ludwika Dobrzyńska-Rybicka

19.11.1868 – 7.10.1958

Philosopher, sociologist, librarian

A versatile researcher engaged in social work and a civic activist.

1903-1909 – studies in Zurich, Leuven, London and Paris

1909 – PhD degree

1920 – post-doctoral degree

1933 – professorship

Polish universities did not recognise foreign PhD degrees as sufficient qualifications. Ludwika had to have her diploma from Zurich validated. She was allowed to do this at the University of Poznań. Thanks to that in 1920 (at the age of 51) her diploma was recognised by the Jagiellonian University and she was granted the right to become part of the faculty. She delivered lectures on the history of philosophy at the University of Poznań and in 1931-1933 she was the head of the sociology seminary. Her research papers on elections and the idea to apply sociology to teaching civic engagement were the first publications on political sociology in Poland.

At the same time, she continued her work at the library of the Poznań Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences, of which she was appointed the director.


Main photo - Ludwika Dobrzyńska-Rybicka

From 1909 Ludwika worked at the library of the Poznań Society for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences. She was a distinguished expert in the Society’s book collection. She described and catalogued many of the old prints belonging to the Society. She was also the first person to write the history of the library and a guide to its collection.