Time for a walk by the river!

All sounds which appeared at the exhibition were recorded by the Cybina River.

We have walked along both river banks tirelessly. When we heard something interesting, we recorded it with the use of special equipment. The places in which we installed our microphones are marked on the map. You can visit them yourself and hear what they sound like with your own ears. Take a map and go for a sound walk along the Valley of the Cybina River.

Download the map… and go for a walk!

See you by the river!

Cathedral bells

They ring every day at noon. Maybe you will hear them, too?

Reverberation at the Cathedral

Go inside the Cathedral. Can you hear the unusual sound made by your footsteps? This is reverberation.

Entrance to the subway

Here you can mostly hear the passing cars and trams. Notice that they obscure the sounds which you could hear
a moment ago by the Cathedral. You can enter the subway and see for yourself that the noise from the street sounds different here.

Cobbled street

Listen to the sound made by cars and bicycles moving on the cobbled street.

Padlocks on the Bishop Jordan Bridge

Move the padlocks and listen to the sound they make.

Ul. Ostrówek

This is the street that Marika walked along in the film you saw at the exhibition. You can try to walk along the
pavement with your eyes closed (be careful, let someone guide you) and find out what sounds you can hear.

Waterfall under the trestle bridge

The waters of the Cybina River create here a little waterfall. Despite its small size, it is quite loud.

Train on the trestle bridge

When you are close to the waterfall, you may hear a train crossing the trestle bridge. Listen to this sound.
How loud is it?

Sounds of nature

Sit on the grass and listen to the surrounding. Can you hear birds, frogs, crickets and other animals?

Echo under the Wyszyńskiego Bridge

Stand under the bridge and say something loud. Will the echo answer you?