Sound album

When we are in a beautiful place, we often take photos to remember it. We put them in special albums. Thanks to them we can easily recall the places we visited and the people we met. If we look at very old photos, we can even see places that no longer exist.

How can we keep the memory of soundscapes? We can record them!

The Phonomap

Many people around the world record sounds which they want to keep for themselves and others. They create entire sound albums and help to protect the sounds that are disappearing from getting forgotten. Some people upload the recordings on the Internet. Thanks to that everyone can listen to them and even add their own recordings.

The Phonomap is an album comprising sounds from the whole Poznań. It was created several years ago, but new sounds are still being added to it. You can listen to them or even use them to make music. Try for yourself! You can create your own composition using the sounds of the city as your instruments.