I’m Raymond Murray Schafer. I’ve been interested in sounds for a very long time. I have travelled around the world a lot. I’ve been trying to find out what various places sound like and how they differ from one another.

I called everything that I heard in a particular place ‘soundscape’. You can compare it to the landscapes painted by artists. However, artists use colours in their paintings, whereas my soundscapes are made of sounds.




Soundscape comprises sounds made by animals and wind, but also the noise made by an airplane or a passing ambulance. It is made of all the sounds that are typical for a particular place. In this room you can hear a soundscape recorded next to the nearby Cybina River.

Some of the sounds creating a soundscape are nice, others are not. Some of them are closely associated with the place, others seem to stand out and even disturb us. Which sounds should be protected so that they could be heard also in the future? We will try to answer this question at the end of the exhibition.