What should schools be like?

The future of Polish schools is a matter of concern for many communities. The huge number of reports on this subject, which have been produced in recent years, proves this. These reports diagnose the problems which schools and the education system have been grappling with as well as put forward ideas for the necessary changes. Many of these reports offer similar conclusions and recommendations.

Let’s take a look at one of the recent initiatives, the Civil Conference on Education, which took place in 2019. The idea for this initiative came from the teachers’ community which wanted to investigate the problems of the Polish education system that had led to the strike. The strength of the Conference lied in the fact that it brought together teachers, students, parents, activists as well as representatives of the local governments. Together they discussed the condition of schools and the direction of the necessary changes.

Over 150 conferences were organised in Poland, 23 of which took place in the Wielkopolska Region. Conclusions were put in a report, which drew attention to 7 key challenges that the Polish education system has to face.

What should schools be like, then? What should they teach? How should they prepare students for contemporary challenges?


fot. fragment of the cover of the publication “Raport  z Narad o Edukacji”

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