Maciej Chodziński, Marcin Wicha
 Lighting of the Enlightenment, 2021

The idea of universal education is a legacy of the enlightenment faith in reason. The school building became its material sign. With the advent of modernism, the school building gained its most enduring feature, namely rows of windows. School design has always been based on the best possible solution to the issue of light. It is no accident that the traditional iconography of education was founded on allusions to lamps or other sources of illumination. But as the authors point out, this museum of modernity requires a renovation. First and foremost because we are left with only perversions of the lofty ideals from a hundred years ago: the rhythm of windows has turned into rigidity, and the changing world cannot easily be reduced to simple divisions.

We have forgotten that school windows can enable communication with the world, inviting it inside, opening up to the local community. Renovation is urgently needed, particularly at a time when voices are raised claiming that enlightenment itself is something we can do without.

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Artistic commentary – Maciej Chodziński, Marcin Wicha