Learning from the master

He also tells us about another master under whom he honed his skills. At that time he worked at a workshop which acted as a shoemaker’s cooperative:

‘When I finished my training I went to my second master, Ignacy Łukaszyk. He was a wonderful man. He made new shoes at ul. Ratajczaka, opposite the University Library. We made the famous Beatle boots. Everything was made with so much enthusiasm and there were so many customers that we could not keep up with the work. When Ignacy died I became the foreman. There were three of us and we were making various types of bespoke footwear: for men, for women, for the First Communion. They were in high demand back then.’

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‘Back then footwear was simply unavailable. If someone had some special requirements, for example a big leg or a very thin, long or big foot, he or she would come to us and have their shoes custom-made from scratch.’