Clockmaker’s workshop. Janusz Bilicki

The clockmaker’s workshop at ul. Sienkiewicza was run from 1957 by  Janusz’s uncle. In 1983 he retired and Janusz took over the business. His son Marcin, who runs his own workshop, is also a clockmaker.

This is Janusz’s story about his vocational training:

‘It was my next-door neighbour, Romuald Jankowiak, who instilled this passion in me. He belonged to the third generation of clockmakers. He loved his profession deeply, trained many apprentices and knew how to share his knowledge. He slowly introduced me to the profession and showed me wonderful things. I was very intrigued. Eventually, when I became his apprentice, it turned out that I was his best student. My table was completely covered in notes because I wanted to remember this whole knowledge – the most important things that my boss was saying.’

During his apprenticeship Janusz graduated from a clockmaking secondary school. It was located in Łódź and provided basic knowledge.

Main photo - Clockmaker’s workshop. Janusz Bilicki

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