Past, present and future

‘In the 1980s and the 1990s there were 200 companies registered in Poznan which had something to do with bookbinding. There was a time when there were three binderies at ul. Wroniecka. Now there are three binderies in the whole Poznan.’

It is no accident that our bindery is 100 years old. Four generations have worked for this. My son and I have both contributed to helping it survive the digital revolution and to introducing into our profession, our company, all the tools available thanks to the Internet.’

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Currently the bindery is becoming more and more engaged in running education programmes. Grzegorz says:

‘For me the future of this profession lies in the hands of the crowds of amateurs who will be making their own notebooks and diaries, binding calendars and their own books in the comforts of their own homes. We want bookbinding – even if it is done by amateurs – to give people joy and pleasure. So that the range of skills is constantly growing. Therefore, we open ourselves to [running] all kinds of education programmes.’

‘We also work for the people for whom the books they want to have bound come with an emotional baggage. Often times people bring us books which once belonged to their ancestors, books which they found. They are in a terrible state and, from the antiquarian point of view, have practically no value at all. But because of this emotional baggage, such books are priceless for their owners.’