Client is always in the centre

‘Every customer is important to us. It is crucial that we are also important to them. Even if the occasion to remind yourself about this confectionery, which can fulfil your every wish and does it professionally and on time, and this gesture will give your wife or your child happiness, occurs only once a year. I think that it is fantastic for such a person. And even more for us who can bring this person at least such small joy.’


Main photo - Client is always in the centre

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‘At some point Gazeta Wyborcza [Polish newspaper] decided to make a ranking of the best doughnuts for Fat Thursday and the best St Martin’s croissants for 11 November. This helped us a bit because many customers wanted to see for themselves if we really deserved the top place in the ranking. I have to say that everyone said that doughnuts made by Weber confectionery were the best.’