Shoemaker’s workshop. Bernard Jakubowski

‘I come from a shoemakers’ family, as my father and grandfather were both shoemakers. I saw what shoemaking looked like from a young age.’

Bernard’s relatives on his mother’s side, an uncle and a cousin, were also shoemakers. After his vocational training, Bernard worked at a shoemaker’s cooperative. He opened his own workshop in 1995 at ul. Kopernika where he works till this day.

This is what Bernard says about his vocational training:

‘I began my training at ul. Garbary 35. I met there master Franciszek Czarnecki who was a Warta Football Club supporter. He liked football boots so my training began with making football shoes. On 15 July 1962 I began working and learning there. I also went to a vocational school at ul. Nowowiejskiego so I was both studying and working. I had contact with the profession all the time.’

Main photo - Shoemaker’s workshop. Bernard Jakubowski

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‘When I began my training in 1962, shoes were only either sewn or pegged with wooden pegs. Butaprem glue for attaching [various elements to one another] was only being introduced into the market.’

‘Nowadays they make shoes which very often fall apart. Sometimes when customers bring such shoes to us, there’s nothing that we can attach the parts to. The insole is made from cardboard. It is not made for walking. So I tear it out, put an insole made from thin rubber, then a sole, and you can use them again.’