Forced relocation

At first, the Sobańskis’ professional and family life centred around the district of Łazarz in Poznan. Only the change which took place in Poland in the 1980s and 1990s forced them to move. This is how Elżbieta remembers that time:

‘I think my parents would never have left Rynek Łazarski. But it was a higher power. In these times people would reclaim tenement houses. Some private owner came and it was his right. My parents were looking for a new place and even turned to the city. They managed to find a place here at ul. Taczaka, which was still called ul. Chudoby back then. Everything was changing. It was 1991. Poland was changing, the streets were changing, our workshop was changing… I guess it was the sign of the times.’

Main photo - Forced relocation

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