Specifics of the studio

For many years the family business was located at ul. Kwiatowa. Some 10 years ago it moved to ul. Łąkowa, where it is still today.

Henryk and his grandson Karol are responsible for making clothes for men, whereas Elżbieta – for making clothes for women.

‘We are doing everything to maintain this authentic bespoke tailoring and dressmaking as best as we can. So that this art is made in one tailoring studio, at one workshop. So that everything is authentic and goes through our own hands.’

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‘My mum loves commissions which leave her room for using her knowledge, experience and imagination. Being a master dressmaker is her thing. The range of possibilities is much broader when it comes to dressmaking.’

‘My grandad has an unimaginable knowledge and experience when it comes to bespoke tailoring because he was practically brought up in this profession.’